Doggy house owners could be brought to heel in its place of their animals to avert attacks

The Kennel Club, which registers dog breeds, has also backed calls to aim on the steps of house owners rather than the breeds of pet dogs.

Dr Ed Hayes, head of community affairs at the Kennel Club, said: “This research is comprehensive and we, along with dog industry experts, welfare organisations and vets, hope the Govt repeals breed specific legislation dependent on this proof, and carries out a total assessment of present pet dog management guidelines, which are failing puppies, homeowners and victims of assaults. 

“Clearly the UK’s breed precise legislation is deeply flawed – it sites a misguided focus on how a dog appears to be like and demonises certain breeds, while diverting notice absent from their conduct, temperament, and importantly, their owner’s steps and carry out.”

The 1991 act was viewed as to have been rushed in immediately after general public outcry over the mauling of 6-12 months-previous Rukhsana Khan. 

That identical calendar year, MPs banned the preserving of 4 battling puppy breeds, which are still unlawful to individual currently.

Even with this, biting and fatalities from biting nevertheless manifest every year, with several incidents from pet breeds not on the listing.

Labradors most most likely to bite 

A 2016 examine found that labradors are the canine that most normally bite – however researchers conceded this could also be because they had been one particular of the most preferred breeds to hold as animals. 

Having said that, no loss of life from a labrador chunk has been recorded.

A law enforcement officer who contributed to the examine explained bites had been typically the fault of owners’ inappropriate attitudes in direction of their animals instead than the breed of the doggy.

The officer mentioned: “I have a good deal of doggy entrepreneurs who have never ever owned a canine right before. And all of a unexpected, they’ve obtained a pet dog and they’re not comprehending how they need to be managing it. A great deal of individuals down here use this terrible phrase of ‘fur babies’. It is their fur child and they take care of it [like] a youngster.”

A different added: “I do not assume it is perilous canine, it is unwell-knowledgeable house owners and a great deal of my dog bites come in from men and women who have not bought a clue about pet coaching. 

“Quite a handful of of my doggy bites occur in from puppies that have been rescued from other international locations.”

A further suggestion from the report is a searchable sign-up of problem house owners, offered to all pet dog rehoming charities and breeders, so they could refuse adoption or sale.

A spokesman for Defra said: “Dog attacks can have horrific effects, which is why it is a felony offence to allow any puppy – not just banned breeds – to be dangerously out of regulate.  

“Defra has published investigation which examines steps to reduce puppy assaults and advertise responsible doggy ownership. We welcome this report, and its suggestions will provide the foundation for thing to consider of even more reform in this place.”