Fiona Cincinnati Zoo hippo 5 at birthday endures fandom, celeb

All eyes had been on the feminine hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Backyard on Jan. 23, 2017, from day to evening to overnight.

Bibi was rolling in the water, flagging her tail to the aspect, exhibiting odd behaviors. She was pregnant and these had been indicators of labor. Six months early.

The hippo keepers counted more than and over, questioning if they miscalculated the owing date. When they did an ultrasound, they didn’t see the child. Fiona was in Bibi’s birth canal. 

“We had been mainly fearful about Bibi’s health,” hippo keeper Jenna Wingate said. “We didn’t assume the calf would endure.”

But when she was born the following day, that untimely Nile hippo, who weighed just 29 lbs ., became the primary concentrate of their attention.