First Aid for Cats, Before Taking Him to the Vet

<strong>First Aid for Cats, Before Taking Him to the Vet</strong>

Every cat owner will do everything they can to make their cat happy and healthy. But at some point, just like humans, the Cat may suffer from illness or injury. Before taking him to the vet, there are a number of ways to make your cat feel more comfortable.

Recognize the Symptoms

How to recognize a cat that is sick or injured? First understand the signs of a healthy and happy Cat, from being active with clear eyes, good appetite, normal bowel movements, to clean hair and skin.

Source: Fast ESA Letter

In addition, cats also move freely and breathe without making strange sounds. If there is a sudden change in one or more of these signs, it could be a sign that the cat is sick or injured. You can consult a veterinarian, but before checking his health there are several ways you can do it.

Comfort in Sleep

When sick or injured, cats will usually sleep longer to restore their health. Like humans, too many distractions can interfere with their recovery process or trigger stress. Therefore, find a quiet and comfortable place, and provide a soft bed. Use a small cage and place it in an area that is easy to inspect regularly.

Keep Her Hydrated

Cats are known to rarely drink and usually get their fluid intake from their food. But if your kitten seems to be having a hard time eating, keep your cat hydrated by providing him with frequent changes of drinking water nearby. You can also add flavor to their drinking water such as chicken stock to encourage them to drink more.

Pet the Cat

There are some cats who constantly meow asking for a company when they are sick. Give him a gentle caress to make him feel better and feel warm. But you should not do it when your Cat seems to be asleep because it can interfere with his rest time.

You can also pet it with the help of a damp cotton swab which gives a sensation as if another cat is taking care of it. Be sure to gently clean his eyes, ears, and nose.

Give The Cat a Delicious Meal

Sick or injured cats need a lot of nutrition to restore their health. Keep food and water bowls right next to the bed within easy reach of the Cat. Give it in smaller portions or feed it with cat food that has a strong aroma to increase his appetite.