Found living in filth – where are the rescued Yorkies now?

Found living in filth – where are the rescued Yorkies now?

Remember the story of the 16 Yorkshire terriers and a Pomeranian seized by BC SPCA animal protection officers after they were found in appalling living conditions? Their lives have changed so much in such a brief time.

A North Okanagan-area breeder was housing the dogs in a room with an overwhelming ammonia smell and dirty, soiled newspapers strewn all over the floor. These poor dogs were kept in crates that were caked in urine, feces and vomit and the only food available to them appeared to be old.

medical care for pups

“Our officers were shocked at how poor the living conditions were for these dogs,” explains Marcie Moriarty, BC SPCA’s chief protection and outreach services. “There is no excuse for animals to suffer due to unscrupulous breeders who put profit before animal care.”

The dogs, who range in age from two to ten years old, suffered from badly overgrown nails and severely matted coats covered in burrs and damp with urine. The older dogs all had poor dental conditions. As soon as they were in the BC SPCA’s care they received the medical attention they desperately needed and then BC SPCA staff started the work to find them forever homes.

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One of the lucky dogs to find her new home is Bo (now Lulubelle). Bobby met her at the Chilliwack animal centre. “There were eight or nine of the Yorkies in Chilliwack,” says Bobby. “It was so hard to pick just one, they were all so adorable. I almost came home with a car full of them!” But Lulubelle stole his heart. “She was so friendly. We just had this immediate connection.”

Bobby says the first night Lulubelle was in her new home she was a little nervous. He set up an area for her so she could have some space as she got used to her surroundings. “That didn’t last long,” he says. “She wanted to sleep on my bed the next night and then was comfortable enough to sleep in her own little bed the third night. She settled in quickly.”

Lulubelle has been getting to know Bobby’s friends and their pets and has been a star when it comes to meeting children. “I brought her to a friend’s house who has a Bernese Mountain dog mix named Cooper,” says Bobby. “Cooper is a big dog who fell in love with little Lulu and could not stop kissing her. She was completely unfazed by all the attention.”

This tiny Yorkie has been enjoying exploring her five-acre yard and getting lots of attention from her dad. “She loves being held and when you stop patting her, she taps you with her tiny paw to let you know you aren’t finished yet. She is just the perfect dog and I love her to bits.”

Other rescued Yorkshire Terriers in their forever homes.

(L to R) Sweetpea, now Pepper, Rosie, now Lulu, with her new “brother” and Tina, now Mini, in their forever homes.

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