Horse Owner Doesn’t Let Her Overweight Friend Ride One Of The Animals, Gets Accused Of Body-Shaming Her

Horses are some of the strongest animals there are; however, that in no way means they should be pushed over the limit. That is clear to every owner who has their animal’s best interest at heart.

This is the reason why redditor u/krr0421 wouldn’t allow one of her friends to ride her horse. She told the AITA community that the animal wasn’t right for the person, which is why she didn’t want to risk hurting it. But that led to an argument with the friend and others calling the owner a jerk about the situation. Scroll down to find the story in the redditor’s own words.

Horses are incredibly strong but they have limitations, too

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Woman wouldn’t allow her friend to ride her horse because of the animal’s condition, the friend took offense about it

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It’s important to evaluate the horse’s age, weight, and overall well-being before allowing anyone to ride it

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The redditor stood her ground when it came to prioritizing her horse’s well-being. Even though she was typically willing to take her friends riding, she knew that every person requires an animal that’s well-suited for them, and that particular time, she didn’t have one for her friend.

When choosing a horse, it’s crucial to take everything into consideration, from the size of the animal and the weight of the rider, to the horse’s health and how manageable it is. Horses that are easily spooked or difficult to control are not the best option for a beginner.

Handling the animal right in an unexpected situation requires skill; otherwise it might end in injuries to both the horse and the rider. The horse in the OP’s story was beginner-friendly; however, it had some health issues, which, considering its age and the planned route, made it an unsuitable option.

Horse Science News emphasized that an animal of this kind should carry not more than 20% of its own weight. (For instance, a 1000-pound horse would be the right pairing to a rider weighing roughly 200 pounds.) It also pointed out that if the weight limit is exceeded, the animal’s breathing and heart rate intensifies and its muscles become more tense and sore than they would be with a lighter load.

Some of these beautiful animals can weigh up to 1800 pounds

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The friend in the story was upset with the OP refusing to let her ride the horse. She started blaming the animal owner for fat-shaming her, which led to some of the redditor’s friends calling her a jerk. However, people who seemed to have more experience with horses assured her she did the right thing. Some of them in the comments pointed out that everyone can ride a horse, as long as it’s the right one for them. Depending on the type and age of the horse, their size can range from 100-200 pounds to up to a whopping 1800 pounds, according to PetMD.

Age also played an important role in the OP’s decision. PetMD revealed that the average lifespan of a domesticated horse is roughly 25 to 30 years. (The wild ones typically live for up to 15 years.) It also pointed out that after 15 years, domesticated horses start to slow down and usually require more support. Some of the ways to improve the horse’s lifespan are proper veterinary and dental care, as well as appropriate diet and exercise.

According to Horses Only, there are over 7 million horses in the US. They are owned by roughly 1.6 million households, which means there are quite a few fans of these beautiful animals out there. The OP seems to be one of them as she wouldn’t budge about letting her friend ride the horse even when she lashed out at her about such a decision.

Fellow redditors took the OP’s side and though she wasn’t being a jerk in the situation