N.S. animal sanctuaries overcome by surrendered pot-bellied pigs

N.S. animal sanctuaries overcome by surrendered pot-bellied pigs

Some farm animal sanctuaries in Nova Scotia say they are overcome by the number of pot-bellied pigs becoming surrendered to them, typically after their homeowners choose they have gotten too major or are too substantially operate.

Jen Lussing and her husband, Will Cooper, own Lailo Farm Sanctuary in Decrease Canard, N.S. They’ve been working the non-profit animal sanctuary in the Annapolis Valley because 2018.

Lussing said this isn’t really a new challenge, but it truly is a rising a person — which she thinks has been exacerbated by social media.

“Piglets are so darn sweet and so little, and there is type of a myth about teacup pigs or micro pigs staying like this minimal pocket-pet sizing, when the reality is that a mini pig is any pig under 350 pounds,” Lussing instructed CBC Radio’s Mainstreet Halifax.

“So most of these pigs increase to about 70 to 150 lbs . — a whole lot of them about 200.”

A woman crouches down to take a photo with a black pot-bellied pig.
Jen Lussing is proven with Hank, the initially pig they took in at the sanctuary in the Annapolis Valley. (Jen Lussing)

Lussing said they’ve acquired about 30 requests to surrender pot-bellied pigs this 12 months by yourself. Most are from men and women who had them as pets.

She reported they have had to transform down most of them to continue to keep the quantity of pigs on their farm to a sustainable degree. 

“I was just feeling extremely overcome,” she reported, including that they recently strike their restrict of 10 long-lasting pig inhabitants immediately after getting in two grown ups.

She stated they spent months attempting to undertake them out, but failed to get any features.

“I feel they’re super exclusive, but there was nothing tremendous special about them or anything at all and we finished up just integrating them with our herd and they now stay here permanently,” she claimed.

A group of small pot-bellied pigs snuggled together in some hay.
Lailo Sanctuary Farm has a maximum of 10 long-lasting resident pigs, but they take in some that can be adopted out. (Lailo Sanctuary Farm/Fb)

Lussing explained they’re also about to obtain two young pot-bellied pigs that will go into their rehoming method, as they are less difficult to undertake out.

Emilie Pece and Jessica Arseneault, who own Dandelion Acres Homestead and Rescue in Westville, N.S., say they are suffering from the exact trouble.

The couple begun their sanctuary in March and have already taken in 60 pot-bellied pigs, about fifty percent of which were being surrendered by pet house owners. The other individuals were either rescued from slaughter or were being born on the farm from moms who had been rescued.

Arseneault said they get 1 or two phone calls a working day from people on the lookout to surrender their pigs, commonly when they’re four to 6 months outdated.

Pigs are seen outdoors.
Dandelion Acres Homestead and Rescue in Westville, N.S., has about 60 pot-bellied pigs in their treatment. (Dandelion Acres Homestead & Rescue/Fb)

That’s when they commence turning out to be hormonal, and maybe aggressive in some predicaments, if they haven’t been spayed or neutered, she explained.

“Most people today give them back once they realize they are a very little even bigger than they want, or a minimal a lot more sassy due to the fact pigs are like toddlers, but for everyday living,” Arseneault said.

Pece mentioned it is disheartening that persons opt for to surrender these animals, for the reason that they are so specific.

“They all have these smart and special and funny personalities. They can find out to do all types of intelligent tricks, and they have good recollections,” Pece claimed. 

“There is just some thing about the way that they seem at you like they are like little ones, they definitely are like children, and I feel that receives neglected a whole lot.”

Do your investigate just before adopting

Lussing claimed folks really should do their analysis before adopting a pot-bellied pig as a pet. They ought to also identify what local veterinarians look right after pigs and guarantee they have plenty of room indoors and outdoor for the animal.

She reported passion farms with a warm, dry draft-totally free enclosure and house to operate is constantly greatest, but pigs can also be stored in a house if they have the house and entry to the outdoors.

If they are even now interested, Lussing stated they should consider adopting them from a sanctuary, somewhat than a breeder. They must also make sure the animal has been spayed or neutered, she reported.

Mainstreet NS9:02N.S. farm sanctuary overcome by pot-bellied pig overpopulation

Lailo Farm Sanctuary’s telephone has been ringing off the hook recently. The farm’s entrepreneurs, Jen Lussing and Will Cooper, say it truly is because there is at present an overpopulation of pot-bellied pigs in Nova Scotia, and persons are seeking to give them up. Host Jeff Douglas spoke with Jen about the challenge.

She reported about 90 for each cent of pot-bellied pigs are rehomed in their to start with calendar year. They can stay to about 20 decades of age.

“It can be really sad and for these a clever animal, it can be truly rough on them … they’re not just like a canine. I necessarily mean, they’re incredible, but they are their have special animal, so they require different care.”