New Clarksville animal shelter to match space advancement

You can find one thing about coming home every single day to the unconditional like of a pet.

In our possess home, we have Luigi, a Bichon Frise, and Gepetto, a Maltese-Terrier mix, and they are a pleasure. 

Canine, cats … whatsoever kinds of pets you have in your property, probably you’ll agree with me when I say, they are relatives.

Managing them as such is something I sense strongly about.

We, the men and women, exist largely to be the caretakers of other creatures and their habitats, in this circle of everyday living. That’s what I believe.

Doing otherwise, or even mistreating or neglecting them, is a extreme abdication of basic human responsibility.

A big and escalating, progressive-minded urban community like Clarksville-Montgomery County has to be a chief and established an illustration in this arena.