Ostrich Escapes Zoo and Triggers Chaos by Managing Through Occupied Streets

Commuters in South Korea confronted an unforeseen reckless driver on Tuesday: Tadori the ostrich.

In accordance to Reuters, the 4-yr-outdated male ostrich escaped a zoo in Seongnam, South Korea, and located his way onto the city’s streets, the place the large bird encountered major targeted visitors.

Ostriches are the speediest-working birds in the globe, per the Smithsonian Countrywide Zoo. Tadori made use of that speed to his gain, top local authorities on a wild ostrich chase by Seongnam’s congested streets.

Various onlookers captured footage of the flightless chicken dodging vehicles and working throughout lanes of traffic. In one clip shared on Instagram, Tadori zigzags throughout a occupied road with more than five lanes of website traffic. At a person position, the ostrich appears to operate into a vehicle just before picking himself back again up and sprinting about the highway yet again.

Tadori escaped from a zoo discovered as Bug Metropolis by Reuters. After the ostrich left the park, the zoo contacted firefighters and police for aid wrangling the bird. In accordance to the outlet, right after more than an hour of chasing soon after Tadori, the authorities captured the hen with a web at a car or truck park considerably less than two miles away from the zoo.

Tadori the zoo ostrich following his escape onto the streets of Seongnam, South Korea.

@hola._.m/Nearby Information X/TMX

Remarkably, the ostrich did not sustain any really serious accidents though dodging vehicles and returned to the zoo in secure situation, the zoo’s operator, Choi Yun-joo, told Reuters.

The owner adds that the latest dying of Tadori’s pal may well have induced his escape.

“His only mate, a feminine ostrich Tasooni, handed away about a month ago. Guess that has been hard on Tadori,” Choi claimed.

Tadori the zoo ostrich in the streets of Seongnam, South Korea.

@hola._.m/Nearby News X/TMX

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Tadori is not the first chook to escape a zoo. In Feb. 2023, Flaco, a Eurasian eagle-owl, managed to get out of the Central Park Zoo soon after someone tampered with the stainless metal mesh surrounding his show. Just after many attempts to seize the fowl — who failed to stray significantly from Central Park — failed, Flaco was allowed to dwell everyday living as a absolutely free hen with the full of New York City as his new property. Regrettably, Flaco’s reign over New York ended on Feb. 23 when the owl died just after colliding with an condominium developing window in the city’s Upper West Side.