Survey unveils new insights on expressing goodbye to pets

The conclusions reveal how prevalent it is for pet moms and dads to say goodbye to animals, the benefits of acquiring a companion animal through the pandemic, furthermore more.

A Nationwide survey1 demonstrated that expressing goodbye to pets is usually element of a pet parent’s routine. On the other hand, this may possibly truly provoke additional anxiety for pets struggling from separation stress.

“If a pet is suffering from separation stress, performing a particular, ritual ‘goodbye’ behavior with them can set off or heighten their fearful habits,” said Jules Benson, BVSc, BSc, Nationwide Main Veterinary Officer.1

“The very best class is to consult your veterinarian about techniques you to address a pet’s separation nervousness, which will possible involve behavior modification coaching targeted on when pet dad and mom leave the home.”

Extra important results from the survey are highlighted down below.

Lots of techniques to say goodbye

The research unveiled that 87% of pet house owners say a version of goodbye to their companion animals when they head out. Gen Z pet moms and dads were being located to be more probable to say goodbye than other age teams (94%).1

Below are the selection of approaches pet proprietors screen their goodbyes:

  • Pet them (65%)
  • Kiss them goodbye (somewhere around 40%)
  • Just say goodbye (42%)
  • Perform with them ahead of leaving (33%)
  • Offer them treats (30%)

Separation stress (pet parents have it too)

Separation anxiousness can exist for both pets and their moms and dads. Pet proprietors felt they would be much more anxious about getting away from their pet than their pet would be when aside from them. The study identified that when 33% of pet house owners feel their animals suffer from separation anxiety, 4 in 10 consider they will endure stress when absent from their pets.1

In addition, pet parents described sensation responsible when they go away their animals on your own. Roughly 12% have invested in a web digital camera to look at them although they are out of the home, which includes about 1 in 4 millennials surveyed.1

Pandemic and animals

Owning a companion animal by their facet through the COVID-19 pandemic has had sizeable effects on pet parents.

Men and women surveyed documented that having a pet through the pandemic:

  • Presented them a strong perception of companionship (54%)
  • Eased their stress and anxiety (32%)
  • Elevated recognition of their pet’s wellness (25%)
  • Provided them a perception of hope (25%)


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