Yellowstone Stars On Jimmy’s Hilarious Horse Masturbation Scene And Achievable New Romance

Spoilers below for Yellowstone‘s most recent episode, so be warned if you haven’t however watched (almost certainly by your fingers)!

So much all through his time in Texas, Jimmy has been bitten by critters although sleeping on the ground, he’s endured bow legs and chapped thighs, and he’s been spoken to and ordered all over like a dimbulb robot (which admittedly is not usually unjustified, contemplating his historical past with listening to great tips). Since it is Jimmy, he’s been having it like a champ with out substantially griping, understanding it would not do any good anyway. But the recreation-switching episode “Keep the Wolves Close” set him by means of a horse-relevant problem he’d hardly ever have anticipated in a million years, and then possibly set him on the path to a new romance in the aftermath.