You can adopt a pet for free of charge in San Angelo, but you may have to hurry.

SAN ANGELO — With no empty kennels offered at the animal shelter, Concho Valley PAWS is “begging the community for support” by supplying absolutely free pet adoptions for a constrained time.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, the non-financial gain mentioned they experienced zero vacant kennels with more than 350 animals readily available to be fostered or adopted. A spokesperson for Concho Valley PAWS reported the quantity of animals at the shelter could impact San Angelo’s capability to be a “no-destroy” neighborhood.

In 2021, the City of San Angelo and Concho Valley PAWS celebrated a milestone — identifying San Angelo as a “no-eliminate” community meaning 90% of the animals remaining the shelter by way of local adoptions, out of state adoptions and via return to proprietor programs. 

“No-destroy is not a ultimate desired destination, it truly is a way of undertaking business,” Jenie Wilson, Concho Valley PAWS Government Director, said. “At times, in a neighborhood with so a lot of unaltered animals, keeping the no-eliminate initiative alive can be a battle. We are experiencing that now,” Wilson claimed.