Zebras at Saskatoon zoo are portion of wildlife investigation

As a dazzle of 5 zebras settles into its new foster home at Saskatoon’s Forestry Farm Park & Zoo, an investigation into the animals continues.

650 CKOM been given affirmation from the provincial govt that conservation officers seized the animals from a rural home on June 13 as portion of an ongoing investigation below Saskatchewan’s Captive Wildlife Laws.

These laws are in put to secure indigenous wildlife in the province’s ecosystems, public overall health and basic safety, and the welfare of animals remaining held in captivity, spelled out Ffion Cassidy, a wildlife ecologist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

These laws tumble below Saskatchewan’s Wildlife Act, and use to equally indigenous and unique species.

Investigations less than the Captive Wildlife Restrictions are not extremely popular, specially for animals like zebras. Cassidy claimed that to her awareness, the province has in no way experienced a zebra investigation prior to.

She mentioned the ministry gets many calls each yr about species that are not legally permitted in the province, which are addressed on a situation-by-circumstance foundation to assure almost everything is in line with the polices.

Cassidy said she could not communicate to the details of the recent zebra investigation, but generally the high-quality for possessing a limited animal is $1,000, and illegally importing or exporting a restricted species carries a $400 penalty.

There are two independent lists of species that can be owned in the province, Cassidy defined. One particular list addresses all those species permitted in the province devoid of a permit, although the other is for restricted species which demand a allow.

She stated 600 diverse species can be held for own possession without the need of a allow. According to the government’s internet site, all those involve canines, hamsters, chickens and llamas when they are used as guard animals.

Limited animals, on the other hand, do require a permit. The province’s permits consist of falconry licences, wildlife rehabilitation licences (for native species only), upland video game birds licences, and zoo licences, which would be essential to retain animals such as zebras.

One of the explanations there is an substantial list of restricted animals is to guarantee the province is not supporting any unlawful exotic animal trade, Cassidy mentioned.

“A good deal of the time, some of these rare species can be of conservation problem in their region of origin, and we want to aid steps that are in spot to shield them,” she stated.

In 2021, the Captive Wildlife Restrictions had been modernized, incorporating much more animals to the restricted record. Cassidy said that was finished mainly because there is now a improved comprehending of the hazards exotic wildlife can pose, and how illnesses are transmitted.

“If a pet is produced into the province, there’s the potential that it could establish and become invasive, and most likely harm our indigenous ecosystem,” she claimed.

Cassidy additional that animal care expectations are also increased now, and the up to date regulations ensure animals with special care necessities are acquiring individuals demands satisfied.

The 2nd division of the limited animals record will allow people today to preserve animals that had been legally allowed ahead of the regulations improved.

“We’re variety of phasing them out, but if you had them lawfully in advance of the new rules came in 2021, you can even now carry on to maintain them if you have declared them to the ministry,” she mentioned.

Some examples of those people species are crimson-eared sliders, African grey parrots, and raccoons, in accordance to Cassidy.