Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Malanya the Horse God location and recipes

If you’re fine with all things equine, then finding the Malanya location in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is essential. The Horse God lets you bump up the stats of your favorite horsey friend – for a price – and can even bring them back to life if you had an accident that your hoofed pal didn’t walk away from.

Actually finding the horse god is a bit tricky depending on where you are in the game. While most people speak of them as a mysterious, probably mythical being, they’re a bit of a tourist trap for travelers in Akkala over in the northeast of the map.

The cost of horse buffs is a specific meal, but you can revive a dead horse for just one Endura Carrot.

Tears of the Kingdom Malanya the Horse God guide

Malanya location – Where to find the Horse God

The Horse God lives in northern Akkala, at the north end of Bloodleaf Lake, which is just down the slope from Robbie’s old tech lab where you get the Travel Medallion. You can take the road behind East Akkala Stable to get there.

Chat with the man at the southern fence before you go. He sells Malanya buns for a low price, which give you a full extra stamina wheel – particularly handy if you plan on taming the Great White Stallion as well.

Dodge or defeat the Octorok in the main part of the lake, and keep heading north along the wooden boardwalk. The air turns purple and misty, and what looks like a Great Fairy bud awaits you at the end of the walkway. Chat with the denizen inside, and fork over the requisite Endura Carrot if you have one.

Where to find Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom

If you don’t have one, the quickest way to find Endura Carrots is traveling to Satori Mountain in central Hyrule. Satori Mountain is west of Hyrule Field, and you can glide there from the Hyrule Tower.

If you’re in Faron, though, you can also find some scattered on the ridges around the Lake of the Horse God.

Malanya pops out after eating the carrot, introduces themselves, and threatens you playfully before explaining what they can offer you. Malanya will increase one stat in one category if you feed them the correct meal, and they can bring your dead horse companions back to life, also for the price of a meal.

How to cook Malanya recipes in Tears of the Kingdom

Most of Malanya’s recipes might be unknown if you haven’t experimented much with vegetable dishes yet.

Malanya recipes – Strength buff

Rank Recipe Ingredients
2 stars Fried Wild Greens Any herb, plant, or flower that offer no extra effect. Hyrule Herb is your best choice
3 stars Copious Fried Wild Greens Four or more flowers or herbs with no extra effect.
4 stars Veggie Rice Balls 2 Hylian Rice and any herb, vegetable, or flower
5 Stars Vegetable Curry Hylian Rice, Goron Spice, any flower, herb, or vegetable
5 Stars Hot Buttered Apple Butter, Apple
5 Stars Carrot Cake Wheat, Carrot (Swift or Endura), Butter, Cane Sugar

Malanya recipes – Speed buff

Rank Recipe Ingredients
3 stars Salt-Grilled Greens Any flower or herb, Rock Salt
4 stars Glazed Veggies Honey, any vegetable, herb, or flower
4 stars Steamed Tomatoes Hylian Tomato, any flower or herb
5 stars Vegetable Omelet Rock Salt, butter, egg, any vegetable
5 stars Apple Pie Apple, butter, cane sugar, wheat
5 stars Veggie Cream Soup Milk, Rock Salt, any vegetable

Malanya recipes – Stamina buff

Rank Recipe Ingredients
3 stars Herb Saute Goron Spice, any flower or herb
4 stars Veggie Porridge Hylian Rice, milk, any vegetable
4 stars Honeyed Apple Apple, honey
5 stars Vegetable Risotto Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, butter, carrot or pumpkin
5 stars Cream of Vegetable Soup Milk, rock Salt, any vegetable
5 stars Carrot Stew Milk, carrot, wheat, butter

Malanya recipes – Pull buff

Rank Recipe Ingredients
3 stars Rice Balls Any rice ball recipe
4 stars Copious Fried Wild Greens 4 or more herbs
4 stars Veggie Porridge Hylian Rice, any vegetable, Rock Salt
5 stars Hot Buttered Apple Butter, apple
5 stars Carrot Stew Wheat, butter, carrot, milk
5 stars Veggie Cream Soup Milk, Rock Salt, any veggie

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