Deer travels from Germany, lands in Washington Park Zoo: Trish Very long

The information at the El Paso Zoo this week was that a four-12 months-outdated African lion was introduced to website visitors Thursday. The lion, Hodari, was born in 2017 at the Pueblo Zoo in Pueblo, Colorado. He arrived in El Paso on Nov. 8 and has been driving the scenes for the common 30-working day quarantine. 

The June 12, 1947, edition of the El Paso Times introduced yet another newcomer to the zoo Buck, a two-yr-old deer. Buck was picked up as a working day-old fawn in May 1945 on Herman Goering’s searching estate in Germany. She was introduced to El Paso by 1st Lt. John F. Riordan.

Pursuing is an write-up by Bob Reid outlining how Buck bought to be the then most recent resident of the zoo:

Goering deer now frolics in Washington Park Zoo

A deer from just one of Herman Goering’s looking estates now romps among peacocks, guinea hens and turkeys in the Washington Park Zoo.