From the horse’s mouth: Jimmy stays on the ballot

From the horse’s mouth: Jimmy stays on the ballot

The 2022 Hall of Fame voting outcomes were uncovered this week. Only one participant was elected to the Hall of Fame, and he certainly was not a previous Phillie. Having said that, two previous Phillies did gain ample votes to stay on the ballot another yr and possibly enhance their likelihood in the decades to arrive.

Phillies-connected imagined of the 7 days

On his initially 12 months on the Corridor of Fame ballot, Jimmy Rollins didn’t arrive close to passing the 75% threshold required for induction. But by receiving a lot more than 5% of the votes, he will be back again on the ballot subsequent calendar year.

Without the need of David Ortiz, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Curt Schilling on following year’s ballot, there is a good probability that Rollins will have the prospect to obtain a higher share. Will he at some point gain plenty of help to cross the 75% threshold? I’m skeptical, but who appreciates? Considerably like MVP voting, Corridor of Fame voting is typically far more about narrative than resume. And narratives have amusing strategies of establishing over time.

Unfortunately, there’s a sensation that one more previous Phillie who I’m a lot less fond of has a very good chance of getting inducted subsequent calendar year. I know that impression of Scott Rolen is break up amongst Phillies enthusiasts, but I have been firmly in camp “F*** Scott Rolen” given that he compelled his way out of Philadelphia and declared his new house to be “Baseball Heaven.”

Over and above his weaselly behavior, Rolen in no way appeared pretty like a Hall of Fame player. He experienced a extensive, stable occupation, but does that make him a Hall of Famer? He appears to be like the kind of player for whom the term “Hall of Extremely Good” was invented.

Non-Phillies imagined of the week

Some 76ers admirers are upset that the staff looks content to let Ben Simmons sit out the overall year. They sense that the staff is obligated to make a big shift, so they really do not squander a different calendar year of Joel Embiid’s prime.

Here’s the unfortunate fact: Barring unbelievable instances, no matter of regardless of whether they trade Simmons, the Sixers are extremely unlikely to earn a championship this calendar year.

Of course, Embiid is participating in at an unworldly amount, and it would without a doubt be a shame to squander these an outstanding season. But unless James Harden or Bradley Beal suddenly come to be accessible on the trade current market, the Sixers are in all probability heading to waste this time even if they do make a trade.

Yes, they could trade Simmons now for a suboptimal return, but what does that get you? Obviously finding something would be improved than the very little they’re at this time finding from Simmons, but would a few of position gamers and draft picks really switch the 2022 Sixers into contenders?

The ideal-case scenario is that they trade Simmons for pieces who can boost the latest team, and then they could flip some of all those parts for a star at some position. But there are a great deal of going parts in that circumstance, and it nonetheless in all probability does not get the Sixers to the NBA Finals this season.

Right up until the Sixers can get a second celebrity – and it doesn’t seem to be like one is actually offered at the minute – then Embiid’s key seasons are likely to be for naught.

Glennbo recognized

Past week, I was unable to recognize one particular of the players in a 1985 Phillies professional, and the audience helpfully revealed him as Glenn Wilson.

Wilson was an All-Star in 1985, though taking a glimpse back again at his figures, he almost certainly didn’t are entitled to to be. His put on the crew appeared to be a final result of his impressive RBI totals. But centered on his other midling figures, it would seem that those people RBIs had been mainly a result of batting just after Von Hayes and Mike Schmidt.

I never fully discount RBIs, simply because they exhibit that a player must be executing a little something ideal to get all people runners dwelling. But is amusing to glimpse back again and see just how overvalued the statistic utilised to be.

If you want to study a lot more about Wilson, you can verify out this story from a handful of yrs in the past when David Cohen tracked down this picture of Wilson carrying out a Rambo pastiche as “Glennbo.”

Featured baseball card

Here’s Glenn Wilson’s 1986 Topps card.

Coming off his All-Star time, Glenn made a decision to go with the total moustache/5-o-clock shadow glance. Merged with the dark glasses, I feel it variety of will work for him.


Past week’s response: The 1985 Phillies’ 122 stolen bases rated sixth in the Countrywide League. Chapdaddy received it correct.

This week’s dilemma: How several All-Star Games did Scott Rolen perform in as a member of the Phillies?

Closing assumed

Hall of Fame voting is all sorts of messed up. Even though he does have some plausible deniability, David Ortiz also examined beneficial for PEDs. So why did he get elected, even though Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens – and some others – did not? Is it simply because Ortiz was pleasant, and Bonds and Clemens were not? What about Sammy Sosa then?

It seems that a ton of voters have inconsistent standards when casting their votes. Is there a way to resolve this? Most likely not.