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Piggy March and Vanir Kamira hit the first of their goals for the week with a five-star personal best. Photo by Libby Law.

Welcome back to Burghley! Yesterday we were treated to a wonderful day of dressage competition, which saw Sarah Bullimore take the early lead aboard the diminutive Corouet on a score of 22.5. Breathing right down their heels are Piggy March and Vanir Kamira, who laid down a 22.6 to lead for the better part of day one.

Today we’ll wrap up dressage competition, beginning with Tim Price and Vitali (Contender x Noble Lady I, by Heraldik), Tim’s partner for the Tokyo Olympics last year owned by himself along with Joe and Alex Giannamore. You can study up on Tim and the rest of today’s competitors here in Tilly’s Form Guide.

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Judges for this weekend are Andrew Bennie (NZL), Katrin Eichinger-Kniely (AUT), and Judy Hancock (GBR). You can view the full list of ride times and scores here. If you want more Burghley news delivered straight to your inbox, you can also sign up for our FREE Burghley Daily Digest email — full of updates, links, photos, and stories — here.

And we have a special treat for you! We’re bringing back our live chats (if you’re an OG EN reader, you might remember our live chats from back in the day at Kentucky). This is a test run for us, so please bear with any technical difficulties! The chat is limited to 50 users at once, so if you get a Chat Full message try again later! We are using this as a test, and can always upgrade capacity later if this works well. Can’t see the embedded chat below? Try this link.

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To check out the full scores, and times for today’s tests, click here — or, if you want to try to catch the highlights of the day, here are some of the biggest tests yet to come:

  • Tim Price and Vitali — 10.00 a.m. BST/5.00 a.m. EST – 21.3
  • Susie Berry and Ringwood LB – 10.40 a.m. BST/5.40 a.m. EST – 29.6
  • William Fox-Pitt and Oratorio  – 11.31 a.m. BST/6.31 a.m. EST – 30.2
  • Bubby Upton and Cola III – 11.39 a.m. BST/6.39 a.m. EST -28.3
  • Kitty King and Vendredi Biats – 14.25 p.m. BST/9.25 a.m. EST – 21.2
  • Ros Canter and Pencos Crown Jewel – 15.05 p.m. BST/10.05 a.m. EST – 24.2
  • Tom McEwen and CHF Cooliser – 15.29 p.m. BST/10.29 a.m. EST – 25.6
  • Tim Price and Polystar I – 15.37 p.m. BST/10.37 a.m. EST – 31.0
  • Oliver Townend and Swallow Springs – 15.45 p.m. BST/10.45 a.m. EST

10:53 a.m. EST: Here’s a look at your final top 10 after the completion of dressage. Our American riders have been pushed down out of the top 10, but Meghan O’Donoghue will remain the highest-placed in 15th with Palm Crescent. Woods Baughman is in 16th with C’est La Vie 135, Emily Hamel and Corvett in 41st and Cornelia Dorr and Daytona Beach 8 in 50th. It’s a very tight field: 21.1 penalties separate first place from 52nd, and one 20 penalty error tomorrow separates 50 horses in this field. We know Burghley is nothing if not a jumping competition, and riders have been labeling Derek di Grazia’s debut track as “a thinking track” that will require riders to know their lines and options. It’s a true test of stamina here, so we can be sure that the leaderboard will likely look much different when the dust settles tomorrow. Tilly will be along with the day’s report later on, but in the meantime thank you for following along! Full scores here. Cross country will begin at 11:30 a.m. BST / 6:30 a.m. EST tomorrow, and I’ll see you back here then!

10:50 a.m. EST: And that will do us! Oliver finishes a solid test, earning a 9 from Katrin Eichinger-Kniely at M on his Harmony mark and collecting a total score of 23.4 — also a Burghley best for Oliver — and fifth place overnight.

10:42 a.m. EST: A little bit of tension sneaks into this test, but some really nice moments for Tim and Polystar. They will take a score of 31.0 for 20th place for now. Tim’ll be a busy guy tomorrow with three rides, all with a solid chance of competing for the top placings, tomorrow. We now move to our final rider of the order, Oliver Townend with former Andrew Nicholson ride Swallow Springs (Chillout – Kilila, by Cult Hero), who is owned by Paul and Diana Ridgeon. This pair escaped a horse fall/flag penalty at Badminton earlier this year and will look for a clear round free from controversy tomorrow. I’m not sure this horse will challenge with a 21, but he’s well capable of a low or mid-20s score, and we know Oliver is excellent with his ring craft.

10:39 a.m. EST: Pro tip from Carl: The slower the horse goes at the walk, the more “dangerous” the walk becomes in terms of losing marks and quality.

10:33 a.m. EST: I really enjoy this mare. She’s got excellent presence and a natural uphill balance that will serve her well as she continues to gain strength. She was a pleasure to watch at Badminton and you’ll definitely want to mark her as one to watch tomorrow. She scores a 25.6 to go into sixth — a personal best for “Eliza” in her FEI career and surely not the lowest she can go. Tim Price will next bring forward the 17-year-old Polystar I (Polytraum x Waldbeere, by Waldstar), who is owned by longtime Team Price owner and supporter Trisha Rickards. This is a horse who’s had a few different partners through the years, and this is a 5* debut. The Westphalian gelding has scored quite well in the past, so we’ll see how close Tim can get here.

A stellar performance from Tom McEwen and CHF Cooliser. GIF via Burghley TV.

10:26 a.m. EST: Carl recommends better use of half-halts to help Rioghan Rua rebalance and avoid going onto her forehand. She and Cathal score a 33.5 to go into 26th overall. We’ll next see Pratoni-bound Tom McEwen with CHF Cooliser (Womanizer – Super Spring, by Ramiro B), who should put in a low-30s score in her second 5* start. She jumped a steady clear at Badminton earlier this year in her debut and Tom will look to build on that foundation this weekend.

10:21 a.m. EST: Next up will be Irish fan favorite and individual European bronze medalist from 2019, Cathal Daniels with Rioghan Rua (Jack of Diamonds – Highland Destiny, by Flagmount King). This 15-year-old Irish mare is capable of a sub-30 score but typically averages more in the low-30s.

10:19 a.m. EST: A couple of lost marks but a lovely test to watch from Pippa Funnell and Majas Hope, who earn two 8s on their Harmony mark leading to a 28.5 for 10th currently.

10:16 a.m. EST: Ros describes Pencos Crown Jewel as not the biggest fan of people (relatable, tbh) and says her goal was a sub-30, so the “over achievement” has her over the moon.

10:12 a.m. EST: A lovely, correct test from Ros and Pencos Crown Jewel to earn a 24.2 — a best Burghley score for Ros — to go into fifth place. Now in we’ll have defending Burghley champion Pippa Funnel with Majas Hope (Porter Rhodes – Brown Sue), who were 14th at Kentucky earlier this spring.

GIF via Burghley TV.

10:07 a.m. EST: Carl doesn’t miss a single detail and explains how the “twisting and turning” nature of this FEI 5* Test B really allows riders to show suppleness (or highlights how much suppleness is still needed, for some!). I can’t recommend watching these live streams enough, not just from the perspective of seeing the full competition but also for the usefulness of good commentators for education. I don’t ride much these days, but I feel I’ve not stopped learning from simply watching so many of these events.

10:04 a.m. EST: It’s time for the final session and a very special treat in the commentary booth: joining superstar Nicole Brown is none other than British dressage legend, Carl Hester! We can’t wait – there should surely be some gems coming from Carl’s expansive perspective this afternoon. We’ve got six left to see, starting with reigning World Champion and Pratoni-bound Ros Canter with Pencos Crown Jewel (Jumbo – Cornish Queen, by Rock King), a 13-year-old British-bred mare owned by Kate James and Annie Makin. This mare finished fourth in her 5* debut at Bicton last year and is more than capable of putting down a sub-30 test. Fun fact: Carl Hester used to ride the great stallion Jumbo!

9:47 a.m. EST: Kitty King shares her less than ideal prep leading up to her great start this weekend:

“Obviously, I was aiming for championships missed out on selection. So, you know, it means a lot to go pretty good. It’s been quite tricky, because obviously I was really hoping to get to Pratoni, so my final prep for Burghley wouldn’t have been what I have done. So I’m hoping that’s not gonna kind of make life too tricky tomorrow. I’d normally give him a slow run round [before] and I instead he ran around Hartpury reasonably quickly.

So I’m just hoping that’s not going to wind him up too much and make him too keen for tomorrow because he needs to be listening and needs to be listening to my aids and slowing down when we need to slow down and not arguing about it. So yeah, it’s not been ideal. I would have done something definitely different if we I knew I was definitely coming here, but we were trying to give the horse the best prep for the World Games. So it’s been tricky, but you know, we’re here and we’re really enjoying Burghley and it’s great to be back. I’m looking for a completion — I’ve never managed to complete before, so I’m hoping it’s third time lucky!”

The depth of the Brits is nothing to sneeze at, and Kitty’s energy this weekend is throwing me back to Sinead Halpin and Allison Springer’s epic weekend at this very event in 2012, shortly after both riders were left off the U.S. team heading to the London Olympics. Go get ’em, Kitty.

That feeling when you missed out on Worlds but throw down a 21.2 at Burghley instead. GIF via Burghley TV.

9:40 a.m. EST: Emma and Darrant close out this penultimate group, earning a 38.2. We’ll be back in about 25 minutes with Ros Canter and Pencos Crown Jewel.

9:36 a.m. EST: I think the live feed is back, somewhat, and we’re now joined by Emma Hyslop-Webb and Darrant (Warrant – Noberlina, by Lux), a 14-year-old KWPN gelding who’s had a bit of a rough and tumble journey to get to this point. He’s a bit spooky in the ring, but Emma’s using her experience to squeeze the points she can out of the test.

9:34 a.m. EST: Well we missed it, but she’s done it!! Kitty King takes the lead, squeaking past Tim Price with a 21.2 to take over first position with Vendredi Biats!

9:33 a.m. EST: Live stream has gone out again, blast — will update when it comes back!

9:30 a.m. EST: Vendredi Biats earns a 9 on his rein-back from judge at M Katrin Eichinger-Kniely.

9:28 a.m. EST: Relatable reaction shot from Phil Brown:

GIF via Burghley TV.

9:26 a.m. EST: Well now here’s one we’ve been waiting to see: Kitty King now brings forward the 13-year-old French gelding, Vendredi Biats (Winningmood – Liane Normande, by Camelia de Ruelles). Owned by Diana Bown, Sally Lloyd Baker, Sally Eyre and Samantha Wilson, Vendredi Biats is one that easily could’ve been named to the team heading to Italy for World Championships, but we’re pleased to get a chance to see this pair here at Burghley nonetheless. This pair scored a 24.8 in their debut at this level at Badminton and will look to prove the selectors that they deserve a shot on the next team this weekend.

9:24 a.m. EST: Oh gosh, I think Phil’s made a fan out of me. He’s so adorably happy with his ride, and he should be: he and Harry Robinson earn a 35.4 for their debut!

9:15 a.m. EST: Richard and Credo finish their test and Credo struts out of the arena on a mission to find cross country as soon as possible. They’ll take a score of 35.9. This is a personal best at this level for this pair, who will have their work cut out for them as they seek their first completion of a 5* event. Next in will be another first-time pair, Phil Brown and Harry Robinson (Laytender – Jodie, by Ontario), a 14-year-old British-bred gelding owned by Orbit Electrical Services Ltd. This is a quite local pair to Burghley and they’re well-prepped to give their first 5* a proper crack: they’ve collected clear jumping rounds at tough UK events such as Blair Castle, Barbury and Bramham. Dressage wouldn’t be the strongest suit for them, but a low or mid-30s score would set them up well for a strong debut.

9:08 a.m. EST: A really nice test from this Australian pair and we wish them the best of luck this week! Sarah and LV Balou Jeanz score a 34.3, putting them just outside of the top 25. This improves on their Adelaide score by 4.2 penalty points — always a great direction to trend in! It sounds like Sarah has been working with Bettina Hoy, both in Australia and here in the UK. Next in will be Richard Skelt and Credo III (VDL Tenerife – Tandora, by Marlon). Credo III is another who will struggle to put in a competitive mark here — but again, it’s Burghley and almost any dressage mark is competitive if you can manage to finish on it!

9:03 a.m. EST: A 43.3 gets Rose and Balladeer Humbel Guy started for the week, and now we’ll move on to Sarah Clark and LV Balou Jeanz (Balou du Rouet – Cotton Jenny, by Colombia) — great name. This pair actually made the trek from Australia for their Burghley debut — they moved up to the 5* level at Adelaide in 2019 — and have been based in the UK with David Doel leading up to the event.

8:56 a.m. EST: Some tension manifests in this test for Balladeer Humbel Guy, who is likely seeing the most atmosphere he’s ever been in here at Burghley as a debutant horse. This guy doesn’t look to have a naughty bone in his body, and he’s trying hard to keep his focus on the task at hand.

8:53 a.m. EST: Well, I’ll eat my words then! Tom and Capels Hollow Drift pull out a 28.9 to slip into the top 10. Nicely done! Next up we’ll have Rosie Thomas, returning to the 5* level for the first time in a decade, and Balladeer Humbel Guy (Loughehoe Guy – Humbel Lass, by Humbel).

8:40 a.m. EST: Welcome back! I’ve had a quick cat nap (California is not the most fun place to work these live streams from!) and ready to kick back up with Tom Jackson and Capels Hollow Drift (Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan – Lucky Crest, by Lucky Gift), an 11-year-old Irish gelding owned by Patricia Davenport, Milly Simmie, and Sarah Webb. This pair was top-20 at Badminton in their debut at the level earlier this year, and likely won’t squeeze out a low-20s score to challenge the top of the board but should find themselves well within striking distance if they’re able to jump clear. Just 13 more pairs are left to see in this first phase, so let’s get to it!

7:03 a.m. EST: A quick look at the top 10 after this morning’s rides (full scores here). If you’re tuned in for the live stream, stay on it as there will be a Carl Hester Dressage Masterclass happening on the break!

7:01 a.m. EST: Very classily ridden for Sammi Birch, who clearly knows Finduss PFB like the back of her hand. This will take us into a lunch break — this field is going by quite quickly! We’ll be back at 8:45 a.m. EST / 1:45 p.m. BST with Tom Jackson and Capel’s Hollow Drift. Plenty of heavy hitters still yet to come this afternoon, so stay tuned.

6:54 a.m. EST: Bubby Upton says she tweaked her warm-up for Cola III after he “went a bit flat” in the arena at Badminton (she scored a 36). Today, she shortened her warm-up to just 15 minutes and put her trust in Cola to lock in despite the shorter timeline, and that seems to really have paid off. Meanwhile into the ring come Australia’s Sammi Birch with the 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding Finduss PFB (Saffier – Belle Miranda, by Sarantos), owned by Sammi alongside Parkfield Breeding.

Bubby Upton gives Cola a big pat after a stellar test. GIF via Burghley TV.

6:54 a.m. EST: A 32.0, shaving 6.9 penalties off their Badminton score, for Helen and My Ernie!

6:50 a.m. EST: A fun fact about My Ernie: he only began his eventing career in 2019 and didn’t do his first FEI event until 2020. It was through no fault of his own — he didn’t travel very well as a young horse, so Helen put her focus on hunting the gelding instead of going eventing straight away to give him some self-assurance. That hunting experience has proven to be invaluable as a foundation for his eventing career, and even though they had some growing pains in their 5* debut at Badminton this year, they’ll have put that experience under their belt ahead of tomorrow’s test.

6:49 a.m. EST: Wise words that I’m probably going to put on a t-shirt from William: “I might have a lucky day, or I might fall off!”

6:45 a.m. EST: That was a really strong test, despite a few lost marks in the changes. Bubby scores two 8s on her Harmony mark and receives a 28.2 to go into the top 10! That shaves nearly 10 points off her Badminton score. Well done! Next up are fan favorite pair Helen Wilson with My Ernie (Cardento – Whoopiminka, by Cantos).

6:44 a.m. EST: A decent amount of variance on these movement scores between judges, particularly between Andrew at C and Judy at E. Bubby is losing a few marks in her canter work as some tension bubbles up, but she’s still receiving competitive marks.

6:42 a.m. EST: Andrew Bennie at C gives Bubby a 9 on her extended walk — Cola does have a lovely, active and reaching walk. A bit of bracing in the rein-back and now let’s see what the canter looks like.

6:41 a.m. EST: This pair earned a 30.4 at Badminton in their debut at this level, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see them squeak under the 30 mark if their canter work quality can match that of their trot work.

6:38 a.m. EST: Bubby Upton and Cola III (Catoki – Vanessa XII, by Contender) will be the next to see, and this is one on a bit of a revenge tour after an incredibly frustrating stop at the final fence, of all fences, at Badminton earlier this year. But she’s the defending British U25 champion, so we know the girl has nerves of steel already. Her entrance just oozes competence and confidence, and I’m eager to see this test. A 9 from Andrew at C on the halt and salute. The judge at E, Judy Hancock, gave the same movement a 5.5 as Cola was not quite square behind.

6:36 a.m. EST: Well that won’t quite be the end result William was likely hoping for today, but if there’s anything we know about him it’s that he’ll have accepted this as fact and already moved his focus on to the task at hand tomorrow. He earns a 30.2 and will go into 11th for now.

6:35 a.m. EST: A bit of a bobble in the first change for Oratorio brings in some sub-par marks, but he recovers well to earn 7s and 8s in his next change and the subsequent extended.

6:32 a.m. EST: Some really strong scores — plenty of 8s and 8.5s as he heads into the walk work — coming in for William so far. This is one of my all-time favorite riders to watch. The simplicity with which he approaches riding and training is wonderful.

Ah! Blast. Oratorio looked up and realized he was at Burghley and then flubbed his rein-back quite stylistically. That’ll bring him down from threatening Tim and Sarah in the lead, but this should still be an easy top 10 score surely.

6:28 a.m. EST: A 33.6 and current top-20 for Cedric. We’ll now move on to a name you may or may not know: William Fox-Pitt will ride the 13-year-old British-bred gelding Oratorio II (Oslo Biats – Cinnamon Brulee, by Topanoora). This is a horse by one of William’s earlier 5* horses, Oslo Biats, making this an extra-special one that’s been among those who’ve helped get William back at this level — and competing for the win, too. This pair could certainly threaten the top 5, if not the top of the board with one of those personal bests we’ve been seeing so many of.

6:26 a.m. EST: Ok, here we go! Back up now. Let’s catch up: Michael Owen has finished his test (no score quite yet) and we’re about 3/4 of the way through Frenchman Cedric Lyard and Unum De’Or’s (Yarlands Summer Song – Fee du Logis, by Prince Ig’Or) test.

6:23 a.m. EST: Still nothing here on the live stream, so I’ll pick back up whenever it comes back up!

6:18 a.m. EST: Ope, well there goes the live stream. Hopefully just a small glitch!

6:15 a.m. EST: Bradeley Law must have heard me type out his age, because he tosses in a…buck/rear/hop?…on the first centerline approach. Duly noted, pal, duly noted.

6:13 a.m. EST: We’re back and ready to get underway with our next to see. Michael Owen will ride his very experienced partner Bradeley Law (Mill Law – Scarlet Lady). At 18, this is Bradeley Law’s seventh 5* start and third time at Burghley; most recently here this pair was 19th. Look for them to earn a low-to-mid-30s score to start things off today. John Kyle is now joined in the commentary booth by Zara Tindall — I have to say I am really enjoying the commentary this weekend!

5:56 a.m. EST: That brings us to our first break, and we’ll pick up in about 20 minutes with Michael Owen and Bradeley Law.

5:54 a.m. EST: A 33.2 is not an awful score here at Burghley, as Tina Cook reminds us — this is an event where a quick clear jumping will move you up the board (as is the case at any good 5* event).

5:53 a.m. EST: Some tension is going to bring this score a bit higher than this horse is likely capable of, but man I am really liking Toronto d’Aurois. He just wants to have a look around at everyone who came to see him! Looking forward to watching this pair tomorrow.

5:45 a.m. EST: Some bobbles in the changes will mar an otherwise lovely test from Susie and Ringwood LB, who at 13 still will grow and improve in his strength as he continues his education. One thing Tina points out is that the horse allowed Susie to actually ride him, which honestly is often more key than natural talent in this sport. Susie earns a 29.6 and will go into seventh for now. Lots of potential to like here! Our last before the first break of the morning (thank goodness because I am in desperate need of coffee) will be Frenchman Arthur Duffort with Toronto d’Aurois (Polack II – Jovaly d’Aurois, by Daloubet d’Evordes, who he owns alongside Julie and Paul Gatien. This horse debuted at the level at this event in 2019 and should be another who will hit the board in the 30s ahead of tomorrow’s cross country.

5:37 a.m. EST: Safe to say Solo is ready for the jumping, but what nice “diplomatic” riding (as Bettina Hoy would say) to ride the horse you have on the day — something we can all remember! A 42.3 for this pair to start on. Next in for Ireland will be Pratoni-bound Susie Berry with 5* debutant horse Ringwood LB (Iroko – Seoidin Alainn, by Master Imp), owned by Helen and Nick Caton. This is a horse that’s capable of a sub-30 score, so we’ll see what sort of marks they’ll pull this morning. Susie, lucky girl, has been basing with Piggy March to hone her skills this year — what an opportunity that must be!

Relateable: when your horse can’t get away from the dressage ring fast enough. GIF via Burghley TV.

5:34 a.m. EST: Oliver Townend commented earlier that his second ride, Swallow Springs — who’s been tapped as a potential winner this weekend — may not be quite as built or bred for the dressage as Vitali, but that he should be “close enough” if he rides well.

5:31 a.m. EST: Next up, another Kiwi rider and a Burghley debut for Hollie Swain with the 13-year-old Solo (Solos Landtinus – Manie Af Sulsted, by Praestegardens Hamlet), who is owned by John Bodenham. This pair averages in the mid-high-30s, but, as Tina Cook describes, “he’s a handful” that requires tactful riding in this phase.

5:29 a.m. EST: Well Kristina looks pleased with her debut test, and her mare seemed to take a breath and begin to work with more relaxation in the canter work to bring her marks up. She’ll take a first-phase score of 33.0 into the jumping phases.

5:22 a.m. EST: A 37.5 and a respectable debut for Kate Shapland! We’ll now see another British horse, Kristina Hall-Jackson and CMS Google (Baltimore – Shalom Internet, by Cavalier), another pair making their first 5* appearance and another beneficiary of the Wesko Equestrian Foundation training program with Pippa Funnell.

5:17 a.m. EST: “I know he’s capable of that kind of score, but to actually put it together in the warm up and have him stay with you…I was very happy,” Tim commented after his ride that took the lead. “When he’s not focused and a little nervy, that’s when nothing’s there for me. I was able to go out there and stay soft with him and that’s why we were able to deliver such a harmonious day. I’m not a dressage rider, I just gallop around jumps well sometimes. I know the horse is capable of it, and it’s kind of on me to bring that out in him.”

5:14 a.m. EST: Oliver earns a 27.5, shaving a couple marks off the 29.5 Tregilder received in his long-awaited 5* debut at Bicton last year. We’ll now see a 5* debutant pair, Kate Shapland and Uris Cavalier (Uranium du Hossoit – Smoothstep Cavalier, by Cavalier Royale). Kate works with Chris Burton as she produces this horse — the only FEI horse she’s had — up the levels.

5:12 a.m. EST: After struggling through the first change, Oliver brings the marks up into the 7-8 territory on the back half of the test. He’s not quite going to catch the leaders, but a workmanlike test for Tregilder and Oliver looks pleased enough.

5:07 a.m. EST: A 21.3 from Tim Price, his best-ever score at this level! That will easily slot into the lead early on here. That will give my Eventing Manager team a nice boost, thanks Time! Next up, we’re really stacking them in here as British World Championships team member Oliver Townend now brings forward the Hazeldines and Mitchell Fox Group’s Tregilder (Royal Concorde x Trewins, by Hand In Glove).

5:05 a.m. EST: Live marks aren’t quite loading just yet, but what a really lovely test from Tim and Vitali, who is just 12 this year but has really stepped up to the plate as a member of Tim’s string in all three phases.

5:00 a.m. EST:: Good morning! We’re ready to kick off this morning and what a treat to see Tim Price with his Tokyo partner, Vitali (Contender – Noble Lady I, by Heraldik), first up!