‘They are a astonishingly awesome pet to have’: Calgary writer pays tribute to bearded dragons

Teal Moulton has a set plan that she likes sticking to — just about every early morning, the 11-year-outdated Calgarian watches cartoons for almost 45 minutes with a loyal companion by her aspect. 

Buddy is a bearded dragon, a lizard with huge eyes, a head formed like a triangle and scales all over her human body. She is recognized for becoming alternatively peaceful and gentle about many others.

“She’s just these types of a quiet, chill pet,” stated Shayla Moulton, Teal’s mom and the author of a kid’s e-book, Buddy the Bearded Dragon in a dialogue on The Calgary Eyeopener.

“Buddy… fit into our spouse and children so perfectly. You know she’s just, she’s this kind of a sweet small lady and yeah, she just, we all are so in adore with her.”

The Moulton spouse and children wasn’t sure at 1st about increasing a bearded dragon as a pet. 

While Shayla and her spouse had earlier seemed just after just one of the reptiles native to Australia, they weren’t certain Teal was prepared for the accountability that arrives with possessing a bearded dragon at residence.

Adopting a cat or a puppy was not an solution due to the fact Teal is allergic to them.

“We kept telling her, no, you know, it can be a lot of duty. It can be a great deal of function. It really is a whole lot of price tag. If anything comes about, you know, it’s extremely devastating,” Shayla reported.

Having said that, Teal was identified to improve her parent’s minds. She took on a investigate task on bearded dragons in school and put in a exclusive ask for with Santa, inquiring him for a bearded dragon for Xmas.

Her mother and father had no solution but to relent. They amazed Teal with Buddy sitting down beneath the Christmas tree, much to her delight.

Shayla Moulton was inspired to compose a children’s e-book on bearded dragons when she recognized many guides are about classic animals like dogs or cats. (Ana Mullins/Mini Me Photography)

“The total story and how gorgeous it was just seriously influenced me to write this ebook. I believe that there is certainly a lot of stories about puppies and cats and, you know, popular animals, but there is certainly not a complete whole lot about the bearded dragon,” Shayla claimed. 

“I imagined it would be a sweet way to share our story, but also to train people today about bearded dragons and how unbelievable they definitely are.”

If you happen to be asking yourself how people today generally react when they spot an unconventional pet like Buddy, Shayla has a handful of answers.

“At the time they open up up and maintain her for a minute, they recognize how tranquil she is,” Shayla mentioned.

“They’re [a] really tranquil animal. They’re not aggressive. They never bite … the moment you maintain them and you devote a bit of time with them, you shortly understand that they are just a very pleasant and pleasant animal.”

LISTEN | Shayla Moulton talks about producing a reserve on her pet bearded dragon:

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How a exceptional pet motivated a children’s guide. We meet up with Buddy the Bearded Dragon.

The Moultons have unique reminiscences attached to their pet — they even hosted a gender expose party for Buddy when they first received her dwelling.

You see, it’s not quick to inform irrespective of whether a bearded dragon is male or female. The only way to know for sure is by getting your pet to a vet who can ensure its gender.

A vet graciously agreed to place Buddy’s gender in a sealed envelope. 

The household then acquired in contact with a celebration retailer and built preparations to disguise the envelope in a balloon with dazzling confetti for the gender expose social gathering.

“Teal essentially popped the balloon and a bunch of pink confetti came out. And that is when we figured out that Buddy was a girl,” Shayla reported.

A girl in a black dress is seen jumping while holding a grocery cart filled with books.
Teal Moulton was determined to encourage her moms and dads that she could take treatment of a bearded dragon. Her perseverance encouraged her mother to compose a children’s e book. (Ana Mullins/Mini Me Images)

Unique requirements

Although elevating a bearded dragon can be a stable solution for those people who you should not want to adopt standard pets, it comes with its troubles.

A bearded dragon like Buddy has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 a long time and requires to be held in a exclusive heated enclosure.

 “They are desert animals, suitable? So they have to be warm all the time,” Shayla mentioned.

“So they have, you know, heat lamps, specific heat lamps in their enclosure that they require to go less than every working day.”

This becomes even a lot more vital for the duration of the wintertime when the household demands to ensure Buddy stays heat all over the working day and evening. 

They do step out with Buddy on a leash for the duration of the hotter summer time months. On the other hand, once they are back again property, they set the pet again into its enclosure, which serves as its habitat.

At the close of the day, Shayla believes it’s truly worth offering docile animals like bearded dragons a chance.

“It would make for a seriously excellent pet for someone who will not want the duty of a canine or a cat and desires a very little bit a lot more flexibility,” she mentioned.

A bearded dragon is seen on a wooden floor.
Bearded dragons like Buddy are desert animals from Australia. They adhere to a diet loaded with contemporary vegetables and bugs. (Instagram/beardeddragonbook)

A extensive-time period commitment

In accordance to Jason Clevett, owner of Calgary Reptile Get-togethers, a team that organizes interactive and instructional classes for young ones on reptiles, it really is very important to do your homework prior to welcoming a bearded dragon into your home.

“A person of the factors which is actually crucial right before any individual keeps receiving any kind of pet is to do a large amount of exploration and determine out how large it is likely to get, what it eats, what setting it needs, how lengthy it truly is likely to are living,” he claimed.

According to Clevett, bearded dragons must be fed a diet plan stuffed with fresh new greens, salad, dandelions, mustard greens, Swiss chard and… bugs. 

“A lot of individuals do not give them the right food plan, so they are going to give them these lettuces, but they need to have a vast wide variety of greens,” he claimed. 

A bearded dragon standing next to a cute illustration of the reptile.
Bearded dragons are a very long-time period commitment. They have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 several years. (Ana Mullins/Mini Me Photography)

Shayla and her family are grateful for Buddy and maintain getting amazed by how loving she is.

“They are a surprisingly astounding pet to have,” she reported. “You don’t assume you’d get as considerably adore and things from a bearded dragon as you would like a puppy or a cat, but shockingly, they really bond with you.”