Topeka Zoo to say farewell to Jingga the Sumatran Tiger as she leaves to satisfy new mate

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Jingga, the Topeka Zoo’s Sumatran Tiger, will leave to make a residence with a new mate at a new zoo and the community will have the possibility to say goodbye to her right up until Monday.

The Topeka Zoo claims it will say goodbye to Jingga, a feminine Sumatran Tiger on Tuesday, Dec. 7. According to the Species Survival Program tips, Jingga is headed to a new zoo to pair with a male tiger. Her new house zoo will announce her arrival just after the regular quarantine interval is total.

The Zoo stated Jingga was born at the Sacramento Zoo on March 18, 2010, and arrived in Topeka on June 13, 2012, following SSP recommendations paired her with a male tiger, Rojo.

In Topeka, the Zoo explained Jingga was a mom of two sets of cubs. To start with, it mentioned 3 cubs were had with Rojo in 2014. Her 2nd set of 4 cubs was had with Sanjiv in 2018. The planet was equipped to view with a 24/7 stay stream.

“Please really don’t convey to the other animals but Jingga is my favorite. She is so exciting to operate with,” states Shanna Simpson, Animal Curator. “She is generally excited to see her keepers, she is good and inquisitive. She has constantly reliable us, enabling us to weigh her one-day-old cubs,” mentioned Shana Simpson.

The Zoo said the Species Survival System, which is managed by the Affiliation of Zoos and Aquariums, supplies tips for pairings of animals with unique notice to gene variety to uphold the sustainability and genetic variation of that species. It claimed they make the suggestions based mostly on age, wellbeing and will need for a lot more of the species to guard future populations.

“We are so unhappy Jingga is relocating but she will be in superior palms at her new Zoo. We have a good connection with her new keepers and will be receiving updates usually,” Simpson stated.

According to the Zoo, Sumatran Tigers are stated as a critically endangered species. There are considered to be fewer than 500 of them in the wild. It mentioned the primary threats to the species incorporate: poaching, prey depletion, tiger-human conflict and condition.

The Topeka Zoo mentioned it participates in many Species Survival Programs, which at times include stating goodbye to animals for the very good of the species. As Jingga settles into her new home, it mentioned she will arrive at and encourage new people who will adore her as a great deal as many did all through her time in Topeka.

Those people that wish to say goodbye to Jingga can go to her via Monday, Dec. 6.

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